Sober Time - Sobriety Counter & Recovery Tracker

Sober Time - Sobriety Counter & Recovery Tracker

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Sober Time tracks how long you have been sober and helps you quit addictions like alcoholism, smoking or drugs. Stay sober. Stay motivated!

Start or continue your sober recovery journey: Sober Time has helped thousands of recovering addicts from around the world recover from serious addictions like substance abuse, alcoholism, drug abuse or smoking.
Put the power of sobriety back in your hands by tracking your addictions in a beautiful and powerful sobriety clock.

Primary features
✔ Track as many addictions as you want
✔ Daily motivational message
✔ See how much money you saved
✔ Pick one of the beautiful backgrounds or upload your own
✔ Goals and milestones
✔ Vibrant and active sober community
✔ Relapse statistics
✔ Share your progress
✔ Fully customizable

Why you should already be using Sober Time
Addictions are serious. Alcoholism. Drinking. Drug abuse. These aren't pretty pictures, but they are the reality for many. To succeed is to stay motivated. 
Track your alcoholism. Stop drinking. Count your drug-free days. Look at the sobriety clock when you need it most. Your clean time is a powerful reminder of the path you've already walked to get where you are today. Don't throw it all away.

Our community
Sober Time has a dedicated community page where you can read or discuss anything related to sobriety. Read through the stories of others, ask questions, share your sobriety counter or simply discuss life in recovery. Thousands of members offer valuable advice on how to stop drinking.
Sober recovery is the key and core motivation behind the community. Anyone can join and contribute. See what others have said about topics like drinking and alcoholism, substance abuse or drug abuse. Add your own story and spread the sobriety.
Discuss things like alcohol, substance abuse or recommend a halfway house.

Make progress and keep it
✔ Keep track of each addiction by setting up an individual sobriety clock
✔ Work towards the built-in clean time goals or set your own
✔ Track statistics, spending habits and savings of addictions you are trying to quit
✔ Full-featured sobriety counter with a tracker clock
✔ Summarize the time you have been sober down to the second

Stay motivated and inspired
✔ Motivational messages and quotes
✔ Interact with an active community
✔ Daily notifications keep you on the path of sober recovery
✔ Notifications when you reach a clean time goal
✔ Share your progress with friends and family
✔ Talk about your alcohol addiction or drug abuse in a safe community environment and stop drinking
✔ Use the progress on your sobriety clock as motivation when things get difficult

Manage your addictions
✔ Track each of your addiction's clean time separately
✔ Customize each addiction with different trackers, backgrounds, icons and headings
✔ Any addiction can by tracked: drugs, alcohol, substance abuse, cigarettes
✔ Also track less serious addictions like fast food or TV

With Sober Time you can track your sobriety and stay motivated wherever you are. Quit drinking alcohol(if you suffer from alcoholism), smoking or any other addiction. It has multiple display options, a powerful sobriety clock and counters, customizable messages and the ability to phone your sponsor or contact at the push of a button.
You can use it to quit smoking or quit drinking alcohol. Stop smoking by tracking how long you have been clean from cigarettes.
The primary goal of Sober Time is to help recovering anonymous addicts and alcoholics recover from their addictions or stop drinking. Most often it's used to track how long addicts have quit drinking, been clean from narcotics, drugs, smoking cigarettes or other addictions.

Get Sober Time now to take control of your addictions, recover and hold on to your sobriety!

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