I Am Sober - Motivation For Tracking Sobriety

I Am Sober - Motivation For Tracking Sobriety

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I Am Sober is a sobriety counter and motivational companion app to help you quit drinking, using drugs, or smoking. No matter what addiction you may be suffering from, I Am Sober can track your days sober, calculate your sobriety savings, and be your daily aid on your road to recovery.

I Am Sober helps you get sober and, more importantly, stay sober.

Millions of people suffer from addiction, whether it’s smoking, alcoholism or substance abuse. I Am Sober helps by sending daily reminders of why you quit and motivational quotes to help you through each day.

If you’ve struggled with sobriety in the past, I Am Sober is the perfect app to keep you on the right track. 

Sobriety Tracker Features

⮞ Sobriety Clock
Track the hours, minutes, and even seconds of your sobriety. You can also see the total number of days you’ve been sober.

⮞ Track Milestones
Receive notifications as you reach milestones in your sobriety (like 7 days or 1 month). Snap or share a photo to commemorate the occasion!

⮞ Sober Calculator
Enter in your daily expenses towards drinking or your drug of choice and I Am Sober’s sobriety calculator will work in conjunction with your sober tracker to show you how much money you’ve saved.

⮞ Daily Notifications
Recovering from addiction is a 24 hour struggle. I Am Sober will send you daily messages of motivation to help get you through each day.

⮞ Sober Tracker
Track multiple addictions and set the sobriety start date for each one.

⮞ Customize Your Experience
You can configure your sobriety start date, the addictions you’re tracking, and set notification times for when you want to receive your motivational messages.

⮞ Share Your Sober Story
If you want to share your journey and help inspire others, you can submit your sober story from the settings.

⮞ Sober Support Groups
Get help by entering your zip code and finding various support groups and rehabilitation clinics near you.

Stop Using By Using The I Am Sober App

All too often, people struggling with addiction feel isolated, depressed, and alone. Use the I Am Sober app to have a continual reminder that you are not alone and visualize how far you’ve come. Sobriety is an every day struggle, so keep your eye on steps you’ve taken and stay motivated to stay sober.

Share Your Sober Life

Sobriety is not something to be ashamed of, it’s an accomplishment. Whether it’s a week, a year, or 25 years, sobriety is a feat. Share your sober story on Facebook and Twitter and feel the support of your peers. If you’re struggling, talk with others in recovery and get advice on how to overcome facets you’re struggling with.

I Am Sober App Is Free

I Am Sober App is a free sober counter app. There are no distractions between you and your road to recovery. Stay satisfied with a clear, crisp mobile app experience that keeps you laser-focused on your goals.

The I Am Sober App tracks your sobriety, counts your savings, and reminds you to stay motivated. Many addicts wind up feeling depressed or alone, but with I Am Sober, you will never go a day without a motivational reminder of why you’re pursuing a sober life.

Many end up relapsing if they don’t keep track of how far they’ve come or how they felt on their more challenging days. The I Am Sober App enables you to log your entire journey, documenting milestones, and sharing insights as you pave your own way to recovery. Whatever addiction you’re suffering from, be it drinking, smoking, using drugs, or alcoholism, the I Am Sober app is here to help motivate you to a sober living lifestyle.

Don’t let addiction control your life, get motivated and stay sober!

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