Empty Text - Send Blank Texts

Empty Text - Send Blank Texts

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This app allows you to Surprise OR Irritate friend by sending an empty or blank messages to WhatsApp & Other Apps. We can't send empty message in WhatsApp & Other Apps but with this App you can do it with easiest way just by click on Share button and then choose you WhatsApp & Other Apps to send the blank or empty message to him/her.

How to Use:-
Simply Open the App & Click On Share Button to Share Blank or Empty Text To WhatsApp Contacts OR Groups!!
Long Press To Send Blank Messages To Other Apps!
Only For Nougat Devices: Quick Tile to Open This App!

False Alert: Android System Stopped On Some Devices!! (Simply Ignore It)

This App is Tested & Working on Apps:-
WhatsApp, Google Allo, Google Messenger, Facebook Messenger ... Some Other Apps too!

(This App is mainly Focused For Above Apps! If you're having problem with other apps, then that's not make sense to give low ratings!! But Still Feel Free To Email Us Regarding Issue with Any other App.)

Note: We have left no option so that people can complain about this App!! We have made it best we can! However, If you have any other great !dea, You're Welcome!!

Blank or Empty Text for WhatsApp, Allo, FB Messenger, Google SMS Messenger & many more apps..

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