QooApp is focused on the second element of the mobile gaming platform. Since its introduction in 2014, QooApp has strengthened its English, Korean, Japanese and other multi-lingual content and services. The total number of users in the world has exceeded 10,000,000 in 2016!

Thank you during this period of affinity to get to know friends! Thank you for your trust and love QooApp, share to the unexpected more friends! Thanksgiving everyone for QooApp all kinds of imperfect tolerance and understanding, every urging and feedback!

QooApp will not take these as a matter of course, Mr Qoo and his colleagues will continue to refuel, become more worthy of all friends to work together to grow together.

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Jurnal Apps adalah website media yang fokus dalam membahas segala hal yang berkaitan dengan aplikasi mobile. Jurnal Apps berisi informasi review, bedah produk, berita terbaru dan video aplikasi untuk mobile.
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